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Technical specifications on printing and framing options

1- Direct printing on rigid support

Open Edition

It is an inkjet printing process. These inks are solidified and stabilized on the frame with UV rays and directly printed on Dibond. Printing on rigid support is economical, resistant to light and waterproof without supplementary protection.


Dibond Brushed Aluminium 3mm (metal look) 2 or 1mm

Dibond – white varnished 3mm – the most solid, rigid, dibond is art galleries’ favorite support.

2- Photo print with aluminium frame

Limited editions – numbered editions

Pigmentary colour photo print. The photo print is then laminated on a 1mm thick aluminium sheet and framed on an aluminium support. Available in white, black, or silver, the aluminium frame combines style and delicacy. The purity of its lines enhances the framed subject.


3- Photo print with shadow box

Limited editions – numbered editions

Adopted by every art galleries and great renowned museums, the shadow box is an upscale frame which enhances the photographs with the impression that the work of art floats without any tie in its frame. All used materials for this kind of frame guarantee an optimal conservation of the work. The photo print is firstly laminated on a 1mm thick aluminium sheet then mounted to the shadow box.

With a 4cm depth, it is available in black, white, and wenge wood. The space between the print and the interior edge of the frame is of 1cm. A hanging device is attached to the back.


The ordered edition is the photo print without the shadow box. The final format will be the result of the ordered edition  plus 1,8cm.
The work is always sold with its numbered authenticity certificate.

4-Fine Art pigmentary photo print on Dibond 3mm

Fine Art pigmentary prints are of premium quality and done on fine art papersLong life pigmentary inks are printed in premium quality on a neutral paper : Harman 300g Fine Art smooth paper or RC glossy photopaper. The result is an art print with a longer lifetime and richer quality than silver print photographs.


The work is always sold with its numbered authenticity certificate.

5-Simple photo print


All photo prints are high-quality professional prints, exclusively realized on fine art papers (290g glossy RC illford), used in art galleries and museums.
The printing is handled in exclusivity by a high-quality laboratory.

6- Hanging informations depending on edition

Inside frame


Frame with a 5cm setback from the support’s edge, wall mount.

Hanging bars


Hanging bars with a 5cm setback from the support’s edge, wall mount.

7- ARTtrust certification for limited and numbered editions

ARTtrust is an auto-certification system which allows artists to protect their works and their rights by ensuring the authenticity of the works to the customers.


ARTtrust grants each print from a specific edition, or each unique work of art its identity, regardless of the production method.

ARTtrust is based on :

  • 3 sets of seals with specific roles each : a silver seal for the work of art, a golden seal for the authenticity certificate, and a silver-blue seal for the artist.
  • The website which offers artists an access to a private space where they can register their works, and for collectors, the possibility to verify a work’s authenticity.