Google tells me that you can’t wait 3 seconds to take a look at my photos ?

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I am discovering the SEO and its optimization advices for my website. I understood soon enough that my newborn website, must, in order to grow stronger, follow the gracefully offered instructions from search engines and “webmarketers” that I have been reading for 3 days. My artist brain went from one surprise to the next while discovering this “Terra Incognita” where digital marketing is king! Even though my creations are generated by “digital” media, I quickly realized that I wasn’t out of the woods! Nursing marketing SOS for’s.lostsite was about to become necessary to come out of the incubator.

Shrouded in anonymity as of today, my website is simply a needle in a haystack, a drop in the bucket, a snowflake in a Siberian storm, a self-published book in the publishing world, a Human Rights and freedom of the press representative lost in North Korea, a Femen isolated in a pilgrimage in Mecca (and so on…). Anyway (adjective always ensuing a lengthy list…), as many chances of appearing in “art photographs” searches on Google’s first page as Mélenchon would have of signing an editorial in the Figaro.

But let’s go back (I’ve got digressive tendencies) to my introduction. First shock: I’m terribly rated by “page speed insights”, even already blacklisted as I am writing. I wanted my photos to keep their glittery sparkle and gorgeous colors so you wouldn’t miss any detail, so I have been a bit selfish in terms of pixels compression ratio. But what has been the end result? Learning that you, (knowledgeable internet user who might, with a little bit of luck, read my in 2017 in the “february 2016 archives” section),  couldn’t wait more than 3 seconds for the homepage to open! And I, who appear last, at the bottom, in red, with a score of 27 seconds before my homepage pictures pop up ! Horror and damnation: I am watching the charts and understand that my start (yes, I identify myself with my website), in the worldwide web resembles a suicide attempt!  27 tiny seconds that send me in the dark abyss of the wretched of the web, not even the rebel status, doomed to oblivion and silence. Barely born, and already disgraced by Panda and Penguin.


Perhaps, within the millions of readers who don’t read my blog, some ignore that these two adorable mammals were promoted as sherifs by google! Panda and Penguin  have Google has a boss. Their mission: to continuously make sure that websites offer an “attractive,” “clear,” and “structure” content, providing the user a smooth browsing which encourages interaction ; to make sure that websites can anticipate users’ demands, and prevent their doubts etc… For this purpose, a website that wants to make eyes at our friends P&P must have a “content marketing” which stays the privileged “KING” in 2016 (no crown here, just a good return on investment). To all those who would have the means and could feel concerned if they had the possibility of reading my blog, that web content strategies will, furthermore, be part of “massive investments” for companies. It’s all said and done: I am sharing my content !

I have looked everywhere, and I have yet to find specific content for “cultural” website, even less an artistic one, and even less for an “artistic photographies” website.  I am consequently going to “optimize” my homepage (meaning: lowering my photographies quality) in line with the users ASAP which doesn’t go beyond 3 seconds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I imagine : “Long ago I went to bed early”: 3 seconds. Pouf! You close the first page on the first line, we shall not lose our time reading “In Search of Lost Time”, let’s look out for “the faster the better” (the app doesn’t exist yet). Thus Panda will be able to go back to his bamboo sticks and penguins, without further shrinking ice floe problem, will continue to do the crawl, safe a dry, in order to evaluate “editorial strategies” of websites, giving good and points. For what? You would ask me if you existed. Simple answer: good students work their way up Google pages with the hope of achieving the holy grail, i.e. the first page ; bad students stay in the dark. Well this, is reserved to the SEO. Because with the SEA, you get the first page way faster, you take the direct elevator and you are at the top floor, but it is way more expensive.

Well, I might know that no internet user can read this blog yet, I want to prevent any ill-timed yawn from yourself, benevolent reader who awaits me in a so-near future. I will thus close this page (that could be qualified an “opinion piece”) in 3 seconds…  But be aware (reader….) that I will give the best of myself (a promise reinforced by the 2016 advice for bloggers: be yourself) as soon as possible. Wish me a good web-marketing detox so I can sober up and let time pass on my next pages.