The artist

An art historian career, the practice of cultural mediation in an important company, a passion for painting and photography fed my artistic career since 2000 as Marie Péjouan and give birth today to the gallery

My works, presented as thematic collections thématiques, are as many windows on the world. Interferences between painting and photography nourish my photos. This creative process, sometimes called digital art or digital creation, provides pictures at the boundaries of reality, most of times through a dreamlike world or a poetic vision of nature. The same way an author constructs his story, borrowing from his imagination, but also his experience, his memory, and his own life, I create my photography.

We know today that our memory his a mental reconstruction produced by memories and kowledges. These elements feed my imagination and are the essence of my creations, my travel photographs are imbued with my empathy towards cultural symbols of the countries I have crossed, as much as impressions linked to the emotion they provided me. Thus, landscapes, vegetables, or carnival scenes are the reflection of an immanence produced by two experiences: the immediacy grasped by the lens of my camera and the mental reconstruction of its representation through the cultural symbolism that can be tied to it.

I am always guided by the desire to create a perfect world from my recollections and emotions as we sometimes do while dreaming. This is why my creations are oftenly dreamlike. And like dreams, they are the result of mental reconstructions.
Bright colours of Rio carnival, abudance of vegetation in Vietnam’s exotic tropics, golden lights of Burma, sunsets on oceans,… The image of a blazing and shifting memory or a lyrical and timeless vision inspired by nature can emerge from the diversity of my subjects.

This coming-and-going between two medias, painting and photography, expressed through digital art, allows me for a limitless plastic research, sailing through abstract, realism, and fantasy. This creative itinerary is still the result of demanding aesthetic research, of an acute sens of composition, and of colour scheme that shifts from sparkling exuberance to almost monochrome.